Pastor Charles E. Bond, Jr. is a powerful and anointed messenger, preacher and speaker.

His voice and unique view into Christian living offers diverse groups a meaningful lens for examining and empowering their lives.

By example and edict, Pastor Bond has motivated people to change the world through evangelism.

The foundational message that Christians must minister beyond the church to create profound change empowers and inspires multiple generation of people. 

He is a crucial conversationalist whose professional service spans from Pastoral Appointments to evangelistic teachings internationally. Pastor Bond has conducted multiple citywide revivals and preached in over 40 states and two foreign countries. A life/confidence coach, Women’s Empowerment Guru, and an author of “Every Woman Needs to Know Her C.U.P. (Calling* Uniqueness* Purpose) Size”,  Pastor Bond is a sought-after conference, convention, and guest speaker. His ministry has been viewed on The Word Network in over 95 million homes in over 200 countries worldwide. With over a million views on YouTube, his dynamic spirit and giving heart are perfectly married with his love and reverence for the Lord and His people.  

Born October 22, 1973, he is the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Shirley Bond, Sr.  He credits his parents for teaching him that Christ is the center and God is the head. He has one daughter, Brianna M. Owens, who graduated from Vanderbilt University. He is currently the Pastor of the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO.  

Since 1988, Pastor Bond has dedicated his service to the Lord and to uplifting and edifying the Kingdom. Internationally recognized for his anointed ministry gift in teaching the Gospel, he is rapidly becoming the voice for a new generation seeking God. His sound biblical principles coupled with a relevancy and passions for community are hallmarks of his unique ministry. Yet he still remains passionate that his greatest acclaim is that God uses him in spite of himself. He loves evangelism and sharing the gospel one on one. He has been called preacher, teacher, confidante, healer and friend, Pastor Charles E. Bond Jr., has been called for such a time as this.